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Broadstone Group
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Fox Business
Town of Bristol
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Gillette Stadium
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"Vizsafe has added a new level of productivity and efficiency to our security management. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and when you can map these incident reports and filter based on time and location, our ability to respond to issues is timely and effective. All of this information, along with live feeds from our security camera network, can be shared in real-time with 1st Responders as needed, which has proven to improve multi-jurisdictional communications and serves as a powerful security and public safety force multiplier." 

Managing Partner Broadstone Group

"This is crowdsourcing community safety information that gets out there so that people don’t have to bother the police by tying up 911 lines, but it’s also on the ground eyeballs."  

David Asman, Fox Business: After the Bell 

“It’s effective not just for something suspicious but, say you get a lost child, and say you’ve got a picture of that child. Now you can send that out to everybody who’s a user on this and it will alert you. This is instant — there’s no delay here.”

Lt. Scott McNally, Bristol Police (RI)

“The Vizsafe platform is a powerful addition to Jawraa’s portfolio of security products and communications services. The addition of Vizsafe will enable Jawraa to continue to offer our customers the most innovative solutions available. With Vizsafe, our customers can enhance situational awareness and improve incident response and resolution, while reducing risk across their entire organization.”

Yasser Alobaidan, CEO Jawraa

“We often get reports of suspicious people but it would be better to see it in a video. I think this is a better tool than surveillance video because so many people have smartphones and tablets, and when video is on Vizsafe it is easy for us to download and view.”

Lt. Dan Dvorak, Newport Police (RI)

"I use the Vizsafe system and supervise its’ use by the facility, parking and security staffs. Training the team to use the system has been very simple. The interface is intuitive and because the information we get through the system includes a picture or video of the issue with the specific location, we can easily access the adjacent live cameras from the mobile app or in the Command Center. As a result, this improves our situational awareness and enables us to address immediately and with the right resources."

Gillette Stadium Site Supervisor

"The Vizsafe application has allowed us to connect with our businesses so that we can now send vital information quickly to store managers, loss prevention officers and owners.” 

Inspector Chip Googe, Mount Pleasant Police (SC)

"Vizsafe is a tremendous asset. At a recent New England Patriots game, one of our EMT teams was responding to a medical emergency. Because they could see all of the live traffic and parking lot cameras using the mobile app in their vehicle, they recognized that the shortest path was blocked with traffic. Through Vizsafe, they quickly found an alternative route and ,as a result, our response time was much faster." 

Sean Tyler, SVP and COO, Fallon Emergency Medical Services

"Our law enforcement officers have been using Vizsafe as a way to securely access our security camera network from their mobile phones and tablets while in the field. This improves our ability to efficiently respond to incidents and share visual information with team members and even other agencies when appropriate. We can also easily send reports from the mobile app with photos or videos to be reviewed in our Dispatch Center or directly to our command staff as needed. Having all of this information mapped and displayed in real-time has proven to be a great resource." 

Frank Floor, Deputy Chief, Division of Law Enforcement, RI Department of Environmental Management

"Vizsafe is a surprisingly popular way to use an app that was originally meant to help people report community safety issues."

Jane Wells, CNBC Power Lunch