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Geoaware Network

Vizsafe’s Geoaware® Network unifies communications and enables actionable intelligence to be securely shared with teams, partners and stakeholders, providing a Situational Awareness dashboard to reduce risk and improve response.

incident management & situational awareness

Mobile Reporting

geolocated reporting with photos, videos, messaging and live broadcasting

IoT/Camera Streaming

fixed and mobile cameras,
uav, sensor network live
streaming and alerts

Mapping & Tracking

asset tracking and other live data on satellite and indoor maps with wayfinding


Visitor Management

identity and self-attestation, biosurveillance and health screening, access control

Incident Management

real-time alerts, dispatch
and status updates shared
with mobile and C4ISR

Analytics & Insights

after action reports, forensics
and analytics for performance
and planning

mobile reporting
report screen
report details

Geolocated Visual Communications

  • create geolocated mobile reports with photos, videos and messages                                  

  • type or use voice-to-text for detailed reporting                                                               

  • select severity level for prioritization

Channel Reporting & Notifications

  • send targeted messages to users based on roles, usergroups and geofences


  • receive real-time mobile alerts and notifications based on location and permissions                           


Situational Awareness

  • view and share incident details on 
    geolocated media on maps                     

  • create notes and coordinate response with usergroups or individual messaging                                

  • manage ongoing issues and filter 
    reports based on resolution status

incident management
real time inciden feed

Real-time Incident Feeds

  • track incidents from mobile users 
    and sensors in feed view                                

  • filter by color-coded status, severity 
    and channel to prioritize reports           

  • view incident details with photos, 
    videos, location and notes

Live Dispatch & Tracking

  • add details to incident reports and communicate directly with mobile users                                                                     

  • dispatch and assign tasks to users 
    and usergroups via automated notifications                                                     

  • log new reports, update status and response details for field crew and after-action follow up

live dispatch and tracking

Permission Based Sharing

  • set up access groups and assign users based on role and responsibility                               

  • provide secure access to facility partners including service providers, public safety or law enforcement                                 

  • add new value to existing IMS/BMS/CMMS systems

pemission based shaing
sensor streaming

Live Cameras

live camera streaming
  • access live camera feeds from public, private, mobile and smartphones networks 


  • map cameras onto GoogleMaps® satellite imagery and indoor facility floor plans 


  • supports existing camera and sensor infrastructure to enable secure sharing

GoLiveMobile Broadcasting

  • view live camera streams from users' mobile devices providing real-time situational awareness 


  • broadcast to one or many users simultaneously           

  • request live broadcasts from other users on the map or in your groups

sensor alerts

Sensor Alerts

  • receive alerts from sensors as incidents occur                                       

  • stream nearby cameras, message targeted users and coordinate response                                                    

  • supports CBRNE and IoT sensors, video analytics, facial recognition, AVL and drone detection systems

situational awareness

Awareness & Response

  • provide detailed incident location and  visual information


  • color-coded pins indicate incident and sensor locations on GoogleMaps®


  • stream real-time traffic with data analytics  

indoor mapping

Indoor Mapping

  • view facility floor plans and securely share with personnel and outside partners                                                        

  • use indoor maps for wayfinding navigation, incident reports and sensor mapping

user tracking

User Tracking

  • track user and asset locations in real-time                                                              

  • view and map staff or other partners to target notifications and communications                                      

  • dispatch, request and view live video broadcasting from users

activity report

Activity Report Builder

  • customize reports from user generated data   


  • organize reports by channel, date range, status and severity    


  • filter by event types, keywords and incident types

investigative review
  • review post-event reports with staff to follow up on open items and enhance best practices                                     

  • export report data to spreadsheets or other databases for custom analytics

After Action Review

operational efficiency savings

Operational Efficiency & Savings

  • evaluate team performance and effectiveness                                    

  • improve response and resolution to improve customer experience                             

  • lower ‘risk profile’ to drive insurance premium savings

smart rewards

Incentivize Team

  • empower staff and partners to share valuable information
         - safety and maintenance reports


  • acknowledge responsibility and accountability                                                              

  • automatically send rewards based on performance
crowdsource reward
  • enable visitor participation
         - report guest experience/issues 
         - anonymized tracking                      

  • speed response and resolution to reported issues

Reward the Crowd

customer experience loyalty
  • drive engagement with branded mobile reward points 


  • link with existing reward programs and partners to provide easy redemption     


  • collect behavioral data to analyze and enhance experience and loyalty

Improve Experience & Loyalty

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