How do I get started? (It’s easy) . . .

  1. Register
    • Download free Vizsafe App from AppStore or GooglePlay
    • Sign Up to create account and login only email and password required

  2. Configure Alerts
    • Go to Settings page and select “geofences” to add towns, cities or states that you care about
    • Go to Feed page and select “channels” to add or remove channels of interest

  3. View/Post Reports
    • View reports from the Map or Feed pages
    • Post your own photos or videos from the Report page to share with others in your community
    • Receive notifications of reports posted to the channels and geofences you have selected

How do I post information on Vizsafe? . . .

To post video or photos on Vizsafe, you need to download the FREE Vizsafe Mobile App from the Apple App Store at: or at Google play at:

Once downloaded and installed, click “Create Account” on the screen, fill in your Name, Email and Password, then “Create Account.” Again, this is FREE. Once logged in, you will remain logged in even if the App is closed. If you want to log out, go back to the “Settings” screen and select “Logout” by clicking your email address (scroll to bottom of list). If you have already created an account using the website, this account will also work to “Login” to the Vizsafe Mobile App. Don’t worry we will never share your personal information with anyone.

Once logged in, the App will take you to the “Report” page. From here, you can post a photo, video or upload content from your camera roll. Select the appropriate media icon, take picture or video (select “Use” in button right of screen). On the next screen, you will be able to type an optional description, and check the “Anonymous” box if you wish to send anonymously and then select “Next” in top right of screen. Select the “Channel” (category) that seems best and then click “Send” in the top right of the screen. Finally, select “Done” on the top right of screen to return back to the main “Feed” page which list your post and posts from other members.

What type of reports can I post on Vizsafe? . . .

Vizsafe provides citizens and organizations a location to post and review visual reports (video and photos) about issues in their facilities, venues and communities. Vizsafe was developed to promote awareness and safety, serving as a platform for sharing visual and geolocated content in real-time. Please review our Rules of Conduct for more information about posting appropriate content.

How many reports can I post on Vizsafe? . . .

You can post an unlimited number of photos and videos on Vizsafe and we urge you to participate frequently.

Please note that the video reports are restricted to a maximum of 60 seconds each. If you witness something that requires more than that, then send and start again as many times as needed.

How do I receive notifications/alerts from other users in my community? . . .

You can receive Push Notifications (Alerts) every time another user posts a Vizsafe report in your areas of interest or Geofences, or automatically receive posts within your own 10km “My Bubble” that surrounds you. To setup your own Geofences, click on “Settings” in the App, then “Notifications” and select the slider to “On” position (indicated on when yellow).

Select the “+” sign on the top left of the screen and this will load the Map. By default, the Map will display your current location. However, you can move around the Map to any location in the World, then press down on the Map the location of interest. It will make a red pin where you select. Once your Geofence area has been selected, click “Save” on the top right of the screen. You can always go back and change this at any time. Each Geofence is based on Zip Code or Postal Code. You can select the “-/+” to zoom in or out of the region. For example, zip code + city + state + country.

You can setup up multiple Geofences by pressing the “+” button in the top left part of the screen. Therefore, you may want to select several areas. You will only receive Notifications from “Channels” that you are a Member of. More on Channels below…
If you don’t wish to receive any notifications, you can turn “Off” Notifications on the Settings page. You can also turn off your “My Bubble” on the same page.

What is a Channel and how do I join a Channel? . . .

Vizsafe provides “Channels” which are either general categories or represent an Organization that has setup their own Channel. To post a report, you must select a Channel to send to. The general Vizsafe Channels include: Fire, Missing Persons, Police, Traffic and Weather. We also have a “Test” channel you can use to try things out.

You can add or remove channels by selecting the “Feed” page (selected on bottom Nav bar) and then selecting “channels” on the top right of screen.

Organizations such as 1st Responders, private businesses, transportation services, animal welfare groups, environmental watchdog groups and more can also create private channels. Private Channels are restricted to authorized groups only and can be available by request. If your organization, school or business has an interest in a private secure Channel, please contact us at to learn more. These Private Channels can also include access and distribution of security camera networks. Private Channel content and live cameras are restricted to access only by approved Members and can not be seen by others. We use NSA approved security encryption for all communications (AES 256 bit over TLS).

How do I view reports posted by others? . . .

In the App, you can select either the “Map” page or the “Feed” page to see reports. The Map page shows the geolocated reports and the Feed page shows the Reports from Channels you have selected or subscribed to as a Member. From the Map page, you can select a report (indicated as a red pin). From here, you can click on the image for the full view of the video or photo. You can also select to send this to your Facebook page, Twitter account, text, email or save to your local device. Please note that purple pins represent live cameras. Currently, there are live traffic cams available in the NYC area with more locations coming soon.

The Feed page lists reports in chronological order with the most recent first and can be filtered based on your favorite Channels and selected Geofences (described above). To change the Feed views, click the icon in the top left corner of the page. It will toggle between 3 icons (my world, my geos, my bubble). The my world (globe) icon shows reports from everywhere, the my geos (map pin) icon shows only reports in your predefined Geofences, and the my bubble (arrow) icon shows just reports within a 10km radius of where you are currently located.

You can also configure your favorite channels from the Feed page. Select the “channels” icon on the top right of the page to open the Manage Channels page. Channels with a green check mark are your favorites. To remove as a favorite, simply click the channel and it will be removed from the favorites list. If you want to add back in, or favorite other available channels, scroll to the bottom of the list and select any channel listed under “All Channels”.

You can also view reports on the website at Check out the Map view and click on the red pins to see the reports. The website uses your same account info (username/password) as the Mobile App. Or check out the Feed view to see the list of the most recent posts from other users. Once you select a report, you can click the Map icon just above the top right corner of the image and this will redirect you to the geolocated view of the report.

Can I delete reports? . . .

You can delete reports that you have posted only. To do this, go to the “Feed” view and swipe left or right. Your posts will have a star symbol next to them. The “delete” button will show up and you can then select this. To do this, you must be logged in with the same account that you used to create the report. If you posted the report anonymously, then the report can not be deleted.


Vizsafe Glossary of Terms

Anyone can access Vizsafe reports either through the website ( or by downloading the App:
iOS users | Android users

Anyone can join Vizsafe here. Once you have created your free account, you can choose the Channel categories (see list here) of content you can see on the website or on your App. To create or access Private Channels for secure capturing, viewing and sharing of content and live cameras, please contact us at:

Once you are a Member and have chosen the Channel categories of content you wish to see, you can choose to receive Alerts (or Notifications) of new content of interest to you.

Categories to post and view safety content.

Private Channel
Member organizations, such as institutions, agencies, businesses and schools, can create private channels to host content which only their approved members can see. Vizsafe is NSA compliant and uses AES 256 bit encryption over TLS.

Once you have downloaded the App, you can take photos or video of incidents of every type and post them to by Category and to specific Channels. Users can also post content by Category or to specific Channels from photo and video libraries already on their smartphone or tablet.