A smarter, more powerful tool for Security, Risk Mitigation
and Facility Management

Layering Actionable Intelligence into your operations.

Vizsafe is not an app; it’s much more than that. It’s a universal platform for making security, risk mitigation and facility management faster, smarter and more effective.

The cloud-based solution builds new intelligence into your security network infrastructure. Vizsafe aggregates, maps and displays real-time visual content from your existing surveillance cameras, as well as private and public smartphones. Then it lets you securely share that information with your facilities and security teams, or even with 1st Responders and police and fire departments.

With Vizsafe, incident reports and notifications are as simple as snapping a photo or video on a smartphone. They’re visual, so it’s easy to see at a glance what’s going on—anything from an overturned trash bin to an unruly fan, or something more serious. And because every report is geolocated and time-stamped, you know exactly where it happened and when it happened.

Anything needing immediate attention shows up instantly on the phone of nearby team members—without having to go through a dispatcher. Reports can be flagged for follow-up, and checked
off on the spot when handled.

Best of all, Vizsafe doesn’t replace existing workflows and infrastructure, it reinforces them. It requires no new hardware, software or custom programming. And because it’s the same platform—and the same easy-to-use interface—everywhere, it can be easily deployed across multiple venues, anywhere in the world, to keep everyone on the same playbook.


Vizsafe was created by a team of professionals with extensive experience in web based video content management, platform development and enterprise security systems. Our technology plays a central role in security, risk mitigation and facility maintenance of some of the world’s most complex and valuable infrastructure.


Vizsafe, Inc.
Tech 4, 88 Silva Lane, Suite 250 | Middletown, RI 02842 USA

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