Vizsafe Platform awarded SAFETY ACT Designation

Vizsafe Platform has been awarded SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In order to receive this designation, a technology must demonstrate effectiveness during operational testing or through prior use. The QATT Seal provides a liability cap as well as exclusive action in Federal court, no joint and several liabilities for non-economic damages, and no punitive damages or prejudgment interest. 

Any technology deployed during its period of Designation is protected for the lifetime of its deployment.  When a Technology is Designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT), the Seller of the QATT is granted limited liability for third-party claims arising out of the deployment of the QATT for an "Act of Terrorism" (as defined in the SAFETY Act and the implementing regulations). The maximum liability is determined by the Department of Homeland Security on an applicant-by-applicant basis based on information contained in the application, and the Seller is required to maintain liability insurance at that level. The Seller also enjoys other important protections, including immunity from punitive damages. 

Additionally, under DHS's interpretation of the SAFETY Act, the Seller of a QATT becomes the sole entity that can be sued for third-party injuries due to the alleged failure of the QATT when deployed in defense against, response to, or recovery from an Act of Terrorism. This protects all other companies and persons in the manufacturing and distribution chains from these claims. 

A User remains responsible for claims that allege negligence by the User. When a QATT is Certified by DHS as an "Approved Product for Homeland Security," the Seller becomes eligible for a presumption that the Government Contractor Defense will apply to third-party claims arising out of the deployment of the QATT on an "Act of Terrorism." The successful assertion of this defense eliminates liability on the part of the Seller for such claims. The designation is a prerequisite for Certification.