Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA

Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA

Three sources of information

1. Existing live camera network
2. Professional security staff with smartphones
3. Public smartphones

Cloud-based application services

  • Create “geofences” around areas of interest
  • Aggregate, organize and map information for review and response
  • Enable secure, instant two-way multimedia messaging
  • Store time-stamped, geolocated visual information
  • Register security professionals by geo-zone and sphere of responsibility
  • Provide military-grade (DoD/DHS compliant) encryption for all platform communications and data
  • Send targeted notices to subscribers—e.g., traffic alerts, lost child, etc.
  • Facilitate two-way visual communication between first responders and fans in the event of an emergency
  • Because all information is ported directly to the cloud, “discovery” of personal devices isn’t an issue in the event of litigation


Easy-to-use app

  • Works on any smartphone, tablet or web browser
  • Native iOS and Android® clients
  • Free download

Download the free app for your IOS or Android Device: