FANSOURCE™: Adding the public dimension to public safety


When it comes to safety, the public wants to help. With Vizsafe, they can, because the smartphones that feed content to the Vizsafe platform can be in the hands of your staff and your fans. This is the public side of Vizsafe, called Fansource™.

Fansource leverages today’s prevalent social media culture to enhance event safety. It lets anyone instantly report security and safety risks, right from their smartphone, via the free, easy-to-use Vizsafe app. Fans can receive real-time safety and security notices through the app; you can also enhance the customer experience by providing real-time parking, safety and traffic alerts, as well as other value-added “push” communications.


See something. Say something.™

Vizsafe makes it easy for the public to actually say and show something in an emergency. One interface, the same wherever you are. No phone numbers to remember or to dial. Just push the button, and the time-stamped, geolocated image is instantly sent to the appropriate authorities.