3 Steps to Deployment

1. Site and camera survey
2. Camera integration and mapping
3. Private channel setup and user management

Unlike proprietary, “siloed” solutions, Vizsafe is quick to deploy, and is compatible with incident management software such as AwareManager and ISS. There’s no custom programming, no new servers or infrastructure costs; the free iOS or Android app is all that’s needed to get going. Additional functionality, such as private communications, secure content storage and live camera feeds are available as paid premium services.

The system is amazingly easy to set up and manage; it’s so intuitive that it requires almost no training time. And because Vizsafe fits right into your existing operations to make everyone’s job easier and more effective, security and facilities professionals are quick to embrace it and put it to work.

Fast, simple implementation

Total time to deployment at Gillette Stadium:
3 days, with only one TeamOps man-day.