Public safety and law enforcement agencies are using Vizsafe to improve real-time situational awareness and reduce risk to the public and 1st Responders.

Vizsafe provides a comprehensive platform that enables mobile visual alerts and communications, as well as access to real-time crowdsourced User Generated Content (UGC) from concerned citizens who care about their communities. Vizsafe is quickly and easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops in the Command Center and supports secure intradepartmental multimedia messaging.

Benefits to 1st Responders:

  • Serves 1st Responders and the public free of charge.
  • Enables citizens to post and share visual incident reports from smartphones.
  • Geolocates, maps, time-stamps and stores all incident reports in the cloud.
  • Supports private channels for secure intradepartmental posting and sharing using DoD and DHS mandated AES encryption.
  • Brings real-time visual communications to 1st Responders during emergencies to:
    • Enhance situational awareness
    • Reduce responder risk
    • Streamline investigations
  • Requires no integration or proprietary hardware and is available immediately.
  • Provides instant alerts to user groups when new content is posted.
  • Stores content in the cloud, not on personal smartphones/tablets, protecting the privacy of personal devices in legal proceedings.
  • Leverages cloud-based servers accessible via web browser or mobile app.

Please contact us to learn more about Vizsafe's public safety and law enforcement solutions.